Ehb - Testimonial

"This supplement is awesome. I was having mastitis issues while nursing my second child, resorted to antibiotics and that still didn't kick the issue. My naturopath recommended this product and I took 2 pills every 2 hours until my symptoms improved. I never, ever had mastitis again! I keep in it the house for my husband and I to use if we feel a cold coming on. A lifesaver when having kids to take care of, no time to get sick!"

- By Peter Ettlinger on February 11, 2014


"Recommended by friends, so we tried. It works so great for whole family. We heal quickly when we feel tired or getting sick. Need to get next one. ( Our kids play competitive sport. We must have it!!) Thanks!!"

- By Jan (Florida, USA) January 15, 2010


"I take this like a prescription at the first sign of any sore throat, cough, anything that resembles a cold and it never gets worse and I feel like new within a day or two. During flu season I take them every so often just to support my immune system just in case. I have them on auto ship- cannot live without them."

- By Ashley January 7, 2014


"I use this to boost my immune system when I am getting a cold or the flu. Delivery was prompt & packing was great."

- By sally ring August 9, 2013